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Welcome to the Palmer Events Center, a venue gifted with full connectivity. Enjoy coverage wherever you go while staying connected to everything through complimentary Wi-Fi or purchased hard lines. Internet and technical services are exclusively provided by our team, experts on all the latest technology to ensure you enjoy an experience that is nothing less than high speed.

Services Offered

Services Offered

Your event will run smoothly with support from a full line of services. All are in place to construct an environment scaled to your event specifications. Included in this customization is:

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Wired Internet Access
  • Network Service & Support
  • Voice Service & Support

24/7 Network Support

Network solutions are delivered by our expert team throughout your event. We troubleshoot issues as they come up in a timely manner with our constant network monitoring, eliminating areas of concern.

24/7 Network Support

Our Tech Stats


a/g/n/ac Wireless Network


backbone for our redundant Cisco Enterprise ethernet infrastructure


Wi-Fi coverage


Wireless devices can connect simultaneously

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

Our venue is covered 100 percent by robust, complimentary Wi-Fi (3 Mbps up/down per device). Twenty thousand devices can connect at one time because of the high-density Cisco wireless environment we have installed. Two (2) Gbps of burstable bandwidth can be assigned by our team to respond to surging demand, making for an absolutely seamless experience.

Wired Internet

Our team can make a flexible network engineered with plug-and-play capabilities to match the scale of your event. For peak performance during mission-critical tasks, such as live demonstrations, we strongly recommend purchasing hard lines. We assign 2 Gbps of bandwidth, and if necessary they can increase to 10 Gbps for these wired hard lines. This activity happens within a redundant Cisco Enterprise ethernet infrastructure upon a 10 Gigabit backbone. To buy hard lines, go to our Online Ordering portal.

Wired Internet
Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Widen the reach of your content. Broadcast event details and updates across the venue with our complimentary service. Display content (without audio) together or individually to screens through the Four Winds Interactive system.

Deliverables for digital signage should be submitted two weeks before your first contract day to avoid technical labor charges.

“This was my first time working with (our IT Coordinator) and I was highly impressed with his level of expertise and responsiveness to our technical needs.”

- Leroy Hiller, City of Austin - Austin Energy Department, Austin Energy 2018 Employee Business Meeting

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