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July 2019 Brings Body Mind Spirit Expo, Classic Game Fest, City-Wide Garage Sale, and more to the Palmer Events Center

July 2, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas – Summer is full swing, and for the PEC (Palmer Events Center), it’s full speed ahead! Eleven different events will keep the facility busy throughout the month of July.

The Greater Austin Performing Arts Center will host Summerstock 2019 from July 8 through July 12; Cinco Kings will hold the Traffic Show 2019 on July 9 and July 10; Austin Commercial, L.P. will hold the Austin FC Stadium Construction Pre-Bid Community Outreach 2019 on July 11; COA – Parks & Recreation Department will host 2019 Keep Austin Playing on July 12 and July 13; Four On The Floor, LLC will hold the 2019 Texas Roller Derby on July 13

The Worldwide Dragonfly Association will host the 2019 International Congress of Odontology from July 14 through July 18; The 2019 Body Mind Spirit Expo will be held at the Palmer Events Center on July 20 and July 21. For more information, go to; Vintage Market and Event Company will hold their 2019 City-Wide Garage Sale on the same weekend – July 20 and July 21

COA – Human Resource Department will hold Internship Day 2019 on July 25. In addition, Game Over Videogames, Inc. will host their 2019 Classic Game Fest from July 26 through July 28; the Texas Board of Law Examiners will hold the 2019 Texas Bar Examination from July 30 through August 1

Over 90 percent of the scheduled events represent repeat business – reinforcing the Palmer Events Center’s reputation as a dynamic meetings facility. Looking ahead to August, the PEC shows eleven total events booked at the Palmer Events Center.

Nearly 4 million people have attended 1,200+ events at the 131,000-square foot Palmer Events Center since it opened in 2002. Events at both the Convention Center and the Palmer Events Center and their websites can be accessed at