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Security & Safety

All is safe with us. The Palmer Events Center enjoys 24/7 protection from an expertly trained team of security professionals. Nothing slips past them. They are aware of everything that occurs on our premises, and are ready to give a helping hand.

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Event Security

Event Security

Our security team constantly patrols the facility. You cannot walk through the venue without meeting a member of our event security team surveying the area. They stay aware of all that is happening throughout the facility including exhibit halls, meeting rooms, and the exterior perimeter.

Booth Security

Exhibitors need security too. Using our Booth Security Form, you can purchase protection for VIPs, valuable products, documents, and equipment. This enables you to concentrate on business as usual. Let the professionals do their job, while you optimize for success.

Enlist help specific to your booth needs:

  • Unarmed Non-uniformed Booth Security
  • Unarmed Uniformed Security Guard
  • Uniformed Licensed Texas Peace Officer

Booth Security Form

Booth Security
Leading With Experience

Leading with Experience

The Security Management team leads with 50-plus years of experience in law enforcement. Equipped with specialized knowledge and close relationships with local public safety agencies, they have put in place policies and procedures designed to the venue’s specifications. This level of detail goes into staffing and training as well to ensure first-class protection and customer service.

“(Our Security Coordinator) is a delight to work with. He thoroughly prepared and assisted us in our security pre-planning joining us for a few meetings and helping us with the ‘weapons-free’ requirements for our event. He is certainly another fine asset on your amazing staff at the Palmer.”

- Michael Black, Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses; 2018 Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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