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“Presenting your brand to the people.”

Recognition for your brand will grow with the strategic facility integration provided by our event staff. The team brings a tasteful approach that allows events and companies to leave an indelible impression on attendees.

  • The Palmer Events Center pre-function hang points are available for event related banners and sponsorship banners. Banner hang points are illustrated in detail on the Diagram.

    The diagram is an overall layout of where the hang points are located inside and outside the facility. Each hang point location has a circled number associated with it.

    Each hang point number references a specific line on the Banner Locations table indicating the maximum size banner for that location.

    • Equipment required to hang banners is the responsibility of the Client.
    • “S” hooks are required to attach to eyebolts on the track.
    • Banners on railings must be secured with ropes or ties.
    • Client or their Contractor must ensure railing is protected from scratches or damage.
    • Banners on bus canopies must be secured with ropes or ties to metal wires.
    • First level pre-function ceiling height is 23 feet so a lift is required.
    • The Client or their Contractor is responsible for hanging and removing banners.
    • Fees may apply for Department to remove banners or any hanging banner apparatus.
    • Banner weights are limited to 10 pounds per track and bridling is not permitted.
    • Hanging sponsorship banners is not permitted on the exterior of the facility.
    • Lifts are allowed in pre-function area during setup and teardown only.
    • Lifts may access pre-function areas through exhibit hall doors (5’9” wide by 8’8” tall).
    • Lifts must be in proper working condition so oil and other fluids do not damage the carpet.
    • The wheels of the lift must be wrapped in plastic or the use of carpet or masonite in the lift’s path is required to ensure tire marks are not transferred to the carpet.
    • The cost of damage to the hanging track, carpet in pre-function area, doors or the like is billed to the Client.
    • Exterior banner locations are for event banners. Sponsorship banners are not permitted.
    • Sponsorship banners are allowed in the interior of the facility. Banners are considered advertising (Provision 8. Advertising & Recordings) and must comply with the terms of the Department contract. The Department may request removal if banner content is deemed inappropriate per the provisions of the contract or in conflict with Department Catering and Concession Service Agreement.
    • The diagram identifies each available sponsorship banner location based on client contracted space.
      • Ballroom A 03, 04, 05
      • Ballroom B 02
      • Ballroom C 01
      • Exhibit Hall 1 06 – 12
      • Exhibit Hall 2 13 – 16
      • Exhibit Hall 3 17, 18, 19
      • Exhibit Hall 4 20, 21, 24
      • Exhibit Hall 5 25, 26, 27
      • Atrium Registration 22, 23
    • The client must submit a sponsorship banner plan to their Event Coordinator six (6) months prior to the first contract date. The plan must include requested hanging locations, size of banner, description of content & graphic on banner and installation/removal schedule.
    • The plan requires Department approval prior to any banner being temporarily attached to the facility.
    • The client must submit a window cling plan to their Event Coordinator six (6) months prior to the first contract date. The plan must include requested hanging locations, size, description of content & graphic and installation/removal schedule.
    • The printable side of the window clings must only be readable from the inside of the facility.
    • Appropriate fees may apply.