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Digital Signage & Marquees

“Let people know. Share your event.”

Palmer Events Center’s digital signage is built upon the Four Winds Interactive system. Screens can display content as a group or be configured to run content independently. The screens do not have audio capabilities.

Our exterior marquees are in 2 locations around the Palmer Events Center. These locations only display the same content. All marquee signs are energy-efficient LED panels.

  • Deadline for digital signage submissions is 14 days prior to the scheduled start date of an event.

    Files are submitted to ACCD IT

    • Email address: Phone: 512-404-4036
  • Digital Screens (Overhead – Used for event signage and facility information)

    • 8 digital flat screens are located throughout the facility.
    • Clients send event content/graphics to ACCD IT for review, test and deployment.
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Digital Screens (Meeting Rooms – Used for event scheduling information)

    • Digital screens for meeting rooms 1 through 5 are located on Level 2 of the facility.
    • Clients send the event and/or scheduling information (including graphic files) to ACCD IT for review, test and deployment.
    • Clients can send Powerpoint slide(s) of their event information per/room to ACCD IT for review, test and deployment.
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • The LED exterior marquees have limited resolution capabilities, which are not suitable for every graphic display type.
    • Keep in mind, the marquees are in sunlight and this can affect the legibility. White backgrounds are highly inadvisable.
    • Highly detailed graphics with intricate shapes may lose shape/readability.
    • Graphics must be submitted within exact pixel dimensions for each of the two (2) marquee dimension sizes.
    • We cannot resize flattened (rasterized) graphics to fit without significant distortion and/or image loss.
    • Best Format Preferred - .bmp (bitmap) or .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
    • High Resolution .jpeg

      • Maximum - 300 dpi
      • Minimum - 72 dpi.
    • Barton Springs Rd. - 336 x 192 pixels
    • Format must be .avi file (MP4 files are acceptable for Cesar Chavez marquee only)
    • Maximum loop time of 8 - 10 seconds preferred
    • Resolution: Minimum - 72 dpi, Maximum - 300 dpi
    • Best Font Preferred - Large Sans Serif (i.e. Arial, Helvetica)
    • If a Preferred font is use specifically for your logo, please convert fonts to Outlines, as we may not have all fonts available.
  • Contrasting Colors are more effective for legibility

  • An Event can be publicized in basic text without graphics or logos.

    One message can hold three (3) lines:

    • Event Name
    • Event Date
    • Event Time (if requested)
    • Event Location (if requested)
    • Items that cannot be publicized include: Quotes, Passages and/or Citations
    • PowerPoint (16:9 aspect ratio) set for continuous auto-loop as viewed from a kiosk
    • Flash
    • Images (highest resolution for best display)
    • Video (MP4, digital files only, no DVDs)